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Terms and Conditions of Service

Welcome to DreamSubmit Service.

Following are the details of the Terms and Conditions of DreamSubmit's Service Agreement. The DreamSubmit.net services that you use or purchase are subject to these.

Dreamsubmit.net's website submission service (referred to later as "service") is a service that submits your website to a list of search engines and directories (referred to later as "search engines").

Dreamsubmit.net makes an honest effort to submit the details of the website as provided by you to various search engines. The service is dependent on the below mentioned factors.

Section 1 - Submission list of search engines:
Dreamsubmit.net tries to keep the submission list of search engines updated and current. The search engines that are no longer working are removed from the list and new ones are added on to the list. Dreamsubmit.net also tries to keep track of the submission procedures of the search engines. It is of great concern to our service to maintain an accurate and current database of search engines. However, errors may occur from time to time, a search engine may no longer exist or have changed its submission process.

Section 2 - Your website category:
Dreamsubmit.net's auto submission program submits the details of the website as provided by you to this list of search engines. The final list of search engines is dependent on the region (i.e., country, continent) specificity of your site and the topic(i.e., subject category) that your site belongs to. You are asked to select these choices when you enter/provide your website details.

If you have selected and provided the wrong choice of region or subject category, then it will get submitted to the wrong choice of search engines and this might be a good reason for the search engines to reject your website.

Section 3 - Number of auto submissions:
The exact number of search engines that your site gets auto submitted to depends on the following factors. First, as mentioned above, the choice of the category (both regional and topical) of your website. Second, at the time of submission, the program waits for 10 second period of time to access the submission page of the search engines. If dreamsubmit.net cannot connect within this time(sometimes due to slow connections) it skips that particular search engine and moves on to the next one on the list. Third, some of the search engines request for information in your metatags. If this is not provided, it may not accept submission. Fourth, we might have added or deleted search engines from our list. Hence the number of submissions may vary every time you use dreamsubmit.net service.

Section 4 - Acceptance of your website:
Our service does the part of submitting the details of your website to search engines. The information that you have provided about your website is submitted without any changes and prejudice. However, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of your website by any of the search engines. Your website may be added or not added at the sole discretion of the search engines. In fact, almost all the search engines mention this factor in their submission page/guidelines.

Section 5 - Time period for listing:
Different search engines have different time periods for adding the website to their databases. Some do it immediately, some take as much as three months and some do it only temporarily. The time period for adding varies with the search engines. This is because the search engines take this period of time to verify the details of your website - either by using an automated crawler or manually accessing your website.. An updated list of this is provided with the FAQs.

Section 6 - Your email privacy:
Some search engines may, as a result of submitting your site, add your e-mail address to their contact list and send you confirmation e-mails. These e-mails are not generated by Dreamsubmit.net. To unsubscribe from these lists, just follow the instructions in the e-mails themselves. Dreamsubmit.net requests you to provide an alternate email address for these replies. If one of the search engines does use your email to send unsolicited spam mails, dreamsubmit.net cannot be held responsible for this. (When DreamSubmit.net comes to know of a search engine that indulges in sending spam mails, it will remove it from the submission list) Dreamsubmit.net will also keep your e-mail address on file so we may confirm your submission and send you submission statements after each submission. Your privacy is important to Dreamsubmit.net, that's why we will not resell or publish your information other than to submit your site to search engines.

Section 7 - Manual Submission of your website:
If you are using Dreamsubmit.net's paid service, the details of your website is submitted to the manual list of search engines manually. This means that a personnel from DreamSubmit.net would submit the details of your website one by one by filling in the relevant details and selecting the most appropriate category and region as provided by you.

Section 8 - Resubmitting your website:

If you are using Dreamsubmit.net's free service, you are responsible for submitting or resubmitting your web site and may do so as many times as you wish.

Section 9 - Payment terms:
Once you have placed an order for a particular service, the team at DreamSubmit immediately gets down to executing your oder. And your credit card or the bank account is charged at the same time. You cannot withdraw the order once it has been placed.

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